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Owen Daily

Owen Wilson Daily
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Welcome to Owen Daily!

This is the livejournal community where you can get pictures of the wonderful, hilarious, gorgeous, and extremely talented actor Owen Wilson.

This is a pictures ONLY journal, so if you'd like to discuss Owen, please head over to owen_wilson and talk about him all you'd like.

Here are a few ground rules:

1) Every post must contain a picture. As I stated above, this is a pictures only community. This is not a place for discussing Owen. Opinions, movie reviews, fan stories, fan fiction, etc must be taken to a community such as owen_wilson.

-Quiz results and drawings featuring Owen do count not as pictures. However, icons and wallpapers are welcome.

2. Place oversized pictures and posts with numerous photos behind an lj-cut. For the benefit and sanity of those in the community, please place large photos (over 600 pixels wide) under an lj-cut. Also, if you want to post numerous photos in one post, place all but the first one behind an lj-cut.

3. NO hotlinking/direct linking. Please do not post an image that is hosting by a website other than your own. Also, do not link to photos in owen_daily because direct linking steals bandwidth from the members.

-If you need a place to upload and host your photos, I highly recommend Webpost.net

4. No bashing of Owen, other community members, the moderator, or anyone related in any way to this community. We'd like to keep it civil :)

Anyone who does not follow the rules of the community has the possibility of being banned.

Posts that do NOT contain photos will be deleted.

Moderated by matchboxforever

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at my journal or send me an e-mail.

owen_icons - an excellent resource for Owen Wilson icons!
Wanna be an affiliate? Contact matchboxforever.

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